Indoor-Action Instead Of Boredom!

Many dog owners have a hard time leaving their dog alone knowing the dog wants to be around other people.

With ZERREFIX® Tug-o-Bone separation is easier and your dog will be occupied and distracted for up to one hour.

This means that being alone is indirectly rewarded and becomes a positive aspect for your dog.


A “Playground” For Your Dog

Does your dog carry its bones all over the house? With ZERREFIX® Tug-o-Bone, you decide where your dog is going to play. For example: next to the dog bed, in the hallway, in the kitchen, in your office, or wherever you like.

ZERREFIX® Tug-o-Bone is a great training tool for dogs that constantly follow their masters around. With ZERREFIX® Tug-o-Bone they learn to stay in one specific spot and are rewarded for doing it as well!