Young Dogs

Young dogs demand a lot of variety and distraction. They want to frolic and be kept occupied all day! With ZERREFIX® Tug-o-Bone they can tire themselves out and improve their oral hygiene into the bargain as well!


No Stress During Teething

Chewing and tugging is extremely important for puppies – besides the playful aspect they will get through this uncomfortable time more pleasantly.

ZERREFIX® Tug-o-Bone helps puppies to satisfy their strong desire to bite, so the furniture and shoes remain intact as well!

Positive side effects: Tartar build-up, tooth decay and bad breath will all be significantly reduced.

Old Dogs

Older dogs often cannot walk long distances and can suffer from obesity. Due to the physical effort they have to put in to tug on the bone, they actively improve their fitness and prevent muscular atrophy. After all that exercise they are rewarded with a tasty, filling but not fattening bone to chew!